Chris MecAlister

A teacher and practitioner of healing, movement & martial arts. Chris studied in England, USA, Netherlands, China and Japan with some of the best teachers in the world (Nigel Dawes, Ted Kaptchuk, Takeo Suzuki, Peter Yates, Goa Luo Hua, etc.). He was trained in Japan, China and Europe as a therapist acupuncture and herbal medicine and specialized China over nine years of study practice Qi - Kong martial arts boarding. Currently serves as the representative of Sweden Association shiatsu Union and President of the European Shiatsu Association.  His pleasant teaching approach brings joy and refreshing combines his deep understanding of the eastern life and life as a western.

Orit Alkabets

Orit Dance since she was 3 years old. She practice Chi Kong and Tai Chi as a Path to Communicating with the Self and Others-as an inner energetic work of creation, barriers recognition and transformation.

Began 18 years ago, Tai Chi Chuan and Shiatsu with Eyal Shani at the southern way. Participated in movement and contact tutoring autistic children with learning disabilities. Danced a modern dance in the "Liat Dror-Nir Ben Gal" troupe "Adama".

Since 2005 she is living in France with her husband and her four children –her best teacher in the world!

She learned basics Chinese medicine and "listening to bones" (Chinese osteopathy). Studying with Thierry Bae (dancer, musician, and master of soft martial arts) And Robert Boyd's successor to TaiTak Ip continues Yang Seu's cheung path.

Nitsan Michaeli

one of the first Tai Chi teachers in Israel, studying and teaching since 1980.

Nitzan teaches on a regular basis in Tel Aviv and at Ofer and gives very little of such workshops. This is a rare opportunity to experience approach that relies on direct experience rather than on memorization and repetition.